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Collaboration with Walaboomuu and Curate Oromia

November 2021

With the political and social realities of Ethiopia on the cusp of a new era, this writing collaboration between Curate Oromia, Voices in Strength and Walaboomuu aims to explore the Oromo experience. The collaboration comes together with a focus on the themes: Thinking beyond Ethiopia as a nation-state, Historical contexts to understanding a part of the political context in Ethiopia, The Importance of grassroots organizing within the Oromo context. Indigenous feminist values and how they engage the Oromo struggle; Oromo indigenous values and their relationship with climate change/ ecology. Environmental racism, colonialism and resource exploitation; the ways that Oromo indigenous values influence/ shape the culture of the Oromo's current armed struggle.

Further, This collaborative writers series will be publishing on Curate Oromia: Curate Oromia is an online magazine that covers the wealth of knowledge, cultures, and traditions of the Oromo of Nation

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